Here's why you should get a qarbo.

A qarbo isn't merely a soda water maker; it's the epitome of sparkling water and beverage excellence. It excels where others fall short, delivering unparalleled carbonation and elevated flavours.

The secret to its exceptional performance lies in a removable, washable, replaceable pressure release system housed within the bottle cap.

  • qarbo CLASSIC Aircharge Cap

    The Aircharge Cap has a unique, 2-stage pressure release valve that allows you to slowly AND safely release gas excess pressure that builds up in the bottle.

  • qarbo LUXE Airplus Cap

    The Airplus Cap has the same 2-stage pressure release function but with a stronger and more robust mechanism that is designed for a shorter, wider bottle.

Make great memories with great flavours.

Mix your favourite recipes directly in the bottle and carbonate for intense flavour.

Tip: Let the sealed bottle chill in the fridge, allowing the flavours and gas to fully merge, delivering a refreshingly fizzy and flavour-rich sparkling beverage every time.

Make better drinks with better carbonation.

Achieving the ultimate fizz requires complete CO2 absorption. Unlike other brands that release excess gas immediately after fizzing, qarbo lets you do so at your convenience, even after overnight refrigeration.

Introducing qarbo CLASSIC

Be anything, just don't be boring.

Certainly, qarbo can create plain soda water like other machines, but why settle for less? Craft your desires at will, satisfying all moods and cravings with fizzy drinks for every occasion and age, tailored to your taste buds.

Introducing qarbo LUXE

Recipe ideas. We have them. Lots of them.

Boosting hydration and lowering sugar intake doesn't mean you're limited to the same dull recipes. Explore our recipe section for inspiration and variety, catering to both adults and kids.

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